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Kale Chips Marinara

Kale Chips Marinara


Kale chips are the perfect healthy delicious snack! If you'd like a different variation to the usual cheesy flavored kale chip try out this raw food recipe. Crispy, crunchy kale chips with plenty of delicious tomato and herb flavor! 


Mak­ing the Mari­nara Sauce:

4 cups of organic tomatoes

4–5 cloves of gar­lic (add gar­lic to taste, more if you really like garlic)

1.5 cups of organic pit­ted Med­jool dates

7–8 Table­spoons of lemon juice

2 tea­spoons of salt

10 tea­spoons of oregano dried (can also use fresh, in which case add half the amount – 5t)

5 tea­spoons of thyme dried

1/2 cup of fresh basil and stems (packed)

1 cup of organic olive oil


2 large heads of kale





Mak­ing the Mari­nara Sauce:

1) Add all ingredients except basil and olive oil to blender and blend until smooth
2) Add basil and blend again, and then slower add in 1 cup of olive oil while blender is on.
Making You Kale Chips:

1) Next, de-stock your kale. The stems end up turn­ing out very hard and crunchy and not very pleas­ant in kale chip recipes. Hold the end of the kale stem and slide your hand down the stock. You should be able to remove the whole kale leaf in one swipe. If you want set aside the stems – they make an excel­lent ingre­di­ent in juicing.

2) Tear up the kale into smaller pieces with your hands. I reccomend start­ing with a smaller amount of kale pieces in your bowl, add in some mari­nara, and then keep adding in kale pieces and mari­nara as the batch gets big­ger. Really work the kale with your hands, work­ing the mari­nara into all the lit­tle cracks and crevices of the kale.

3)Place on dehy­dra­tor sheets and place in the dehy­dra­tor on 115 degrees until crispy. Should take at least 10 hours, or overnight in the dehydrator.

Enjoy this deli­cious and nutri­tious snack!



Additional Tips

As a side note: If you like spicy, you can eas­ily make this a spicy kale mari­nara recipe by adding in 1 tea­spoon of cayenne spice, or sim­ply spice to taste)

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